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Adjusting back to school after being newly diagnosed or after being away due to a serious flare can be a big challenge. We strongly encourage you to keep your school and teachers up to date on your medical conditions. This includes your diagnosis, any extra support you might need (such as being allowed to go to the bathroom whenever you need to go) and anything about your medications that they might need to know about or watch for.  We are happy to provide a letter to the school outlining your diagnosis if it is required. Just speak to your IBD nurse.


We recommend this terrific resource, called “Blackboards and Bathrooms”.  We highly suggest you print it off and give it to your child’s teachers. It is an excellent way to provide education to the school staff so that they can support your child throughout the school year.






- Talk to the school teacher at the beginning of school year to explain your child’s condition. This teacher's guide might be helpful.

- This video that is a useful tool to education patient on what IBD is. We suggest you to give this website to your child's teachers.

- Back a spare set of clothes for your child at school in case of an emergency.

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