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Exclusive Nutritional Therapy

OVERVIEW: This treatment is unique to pediatric IBD and is attractive since there are no side effects, but can be difficult to do. It involves taking ONLY liquid specialized formulas, such as Nutren 1.5 or Ensure for 8 weeks. The patient is not allowed to have anything else to eat and is only allowed to drink water.  This treatment helps to induce remission and achieve weight gain and is very effective. It might be, however, tough to adhere to. We, as a team, will support you through this process and have a lot of experience with making it work.


WHEN DO WE USE IT: Nutritional therapy is used for treating Crohn disease and has not proven to have much benefit to Ulcerative Colitis. It is often used as a first line therapy, when patients are first diagnosed, to induce remission. It may also be used as a subsequent therapy to help control disease flare ups but is not often used long-term.  

HOW IT'S USED: It's a liquid that you will drink daily for the duration of treatment.

FORMULAS: Nutren 1.5, Ensure and Ensure Plus, Modulen


SIDE EFFECTS: There are no side effects from nutritional therapy. Patients may find the nutritional therapy emotionally hard, although often feel such benefit on therapy that they are motivated to continue the full course.

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